Not Sure if Your Digital Ads Are Optimized?

You May Need an Audit

Even if you have complete trust in your advertising manager or ad agency, there’s almost always room to improve your campaign’s effectiveness and ROI. Often, it takes a third-party to expose wasted dollars and missed opportunities hiding in campaigns. An occasional audit provides peace of mind, and is a critical part of running Google and/or Facebook Ads.

Audits Are Ideal For:

  • Marketing Managers who need a better understanding of their ad spend.
  • C-Level Executives looking for peace of mind.
  • Advertisers who run their own campaigns with limited experience.
  • Business Owners entrusting employees or agencies with ad budgets.
  • Agencies who want to improve campaign performance.

Audits Include:

  • Strategy Review
  • Identifying Waste
  • Confirming Audience Targeting
  • Confirming Budget Efficiency
  • Examining Market Share
  • Auditing Keywords
  • Reviewing Ad Content
  • Reviewing Landing Pages

If your organization is running ads, you owe it to yourself to allow a fresh set of eyes to critically review your campaigns.

Standard Audits – $495.00
(Total spend less than $10K/mo. Inquire for larger campaigns or hourly consulting.)

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